Our commercial pest management solutions for restaurants include a multi-step process to ensure your property is completely free of any health risks or problems regarding pests or insects. First, our staff will thoroughly inspect your property to check for any areas where pests or rodents can enter your restaurant. After assessing/finding any possible infestation, we will remove any pests that we find on your property. We will also take preventative measures to ensure these pests do not enter again.


Our staff will make sure to provide fly control, odor control, and bird control, too. Flies are pests you simply do not want to have in your restaurant as they carry more than half a billion microorganisms on their body and legs that can contaminate food. Odors, though invisible to the eye, can negatively affect your reputation. And no one ever wants to dine with birds flying above their head! 

We will find the cause of any unpleasant odors and eliminate the problem, whether they’re coming from your dumpsters, trashcans, or bathrooms. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for rodent control.

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