Rodent Control
Abilene, TX

If you notice a rat or two keeps appearing outside your home and you fear you may have one inside, our team can come to inspect your property for signs of infestation or other rodent invaders. Rats only need an entry point the size of a quarter and mice need an entry point the size of a dime, to access your home and create a nest to raise their young. Rats and mice are destructive and not to mention, the Hantavirus can be found in their droppings which can be harmful to you. 

Additionally, squirrels are likely to nest and raise their young in sheltered areas such as attics, eaves, and walls. Squirrels are prone to chewing through water lines and electrical wires which can create safety hazards and inconveniences throughout your home. 

At Baker Bug Bombers, rodent control is available for rodents and many types of pests, including snakes. If you are in Abilene, TX and need rodent control, give us a call!

Rodent Control Abilene, TX

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Our pest management company works hard to make sure your home is safe from unwanted rodents. By making sure you have no entryways where rats, mice, or squirrels can enter, we are confident that these kinds of unwanted invaders won’t run rampant throughout your space ever again. However, if you spot a rodent in your home after we have finished our extermination service, our team will come back at your convenience, at no additional charge to you. It is our goal to keep you safe and your home rodent-free. We’ll come back to your home as many times as needed to eliminate the problem for good.

Remember, just give us a call so we can tend to your pest problem once and for all! 

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Bakers Bug Bombers is the premier pest management and rodent control company in Abilene. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about a rodent/pest problem.

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